About P5 IT Solutions

P5 IT Solutions is the one of a leading IT Solutions Provider in earth. We are established in 2005 and since 2005 we made lot of successful stories. So much happy to be a part of those stories of success and always we are working to make our clients happy. We are providing any IT Solution Simply and that solution can be any kind. It can be Web Application , Desktop Application or Mobile Application. How ever since 2005 we consulted our clients and helped them to choose best solution. Always we thought about humanity when we are working with our clients. Most of clients are not technological. So we are explaining all things simply to them and working happily. So don't waste time to think twice. Join with our family and write your own story of success with us.

How we are here now?


Now we are here

As a P5 IT Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. we are doing,

  • Desktop Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • e-Marketing

founded P5 IT Solutions

As a combination of P5 Studios and P5 Web Solutions finally we are registered our company as P5 IT Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.


Started Mobile Application Development

#Android #iOS #WindowsMobile



Started to Provide e-Marketing services.

After lot of experiments then we are started to provide our e-Marketing service for our clients.


Won best quality maintenance award.



We did lot of desktop applications and web applications. Check our portfolio.




Founded P5 Web Solutions


Started Web Designing / Development

#HTML #PHP #CSS #JavaScripts #jQuery #MySql


Provided Designing Services

#VectorGraphics #RasterGraphics


We are started from here

founded P5 Studio

#MusicComposing #GraphicDesigning